MERN Stack

MongoDB, Express.JS, React JS, and Node.JS

The MERN stack features MongoDB, Express.JS, React JS, and Node.JS all running on Amazon EC2 containerized with Docker, AND open source! MongoDB is a cross-platform, open source NoSQL database where data is stored in JSON-like documents. Our stack provides a secure, containerized environment on EC2 providing portability and scalability.

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MongoDB is a document database that stores JSON-like documents on disk. For this reason it is recommended you choose a storage optimized instance type. When launching your instance, provide the following security group rules:

  • TCP, 22, 22, YOUR-IP-ADDRESS* (SSH Access)
  • TCP, 8081, 8081, YOUR-IP-ADDRESS* (Mongo Express Access)
  • TCP, 80, 80, (React app)

    * Always lock-down the SSH port to a single IP address. Opening your SSH port to the world i.e. `` is a security risk and can compromise your instance.

    ** If you want an external server to connect to MongoDB, add the IP address here, you shouldn't leave this open to the world since it opens up security vulnerabilities to the MongoDB instance. You can also leave this rule out if you want to simply use the MongoDB locally on the same server instance. This is only required if you want an external server connecting to the instance.

All AppXen instances auto-generate passwords upon first boot. You can locate the credentials within the EC2 console. Right click on your instance and view the instances system log, you will find the docker stack output that contains auto-generated passwords in the log (see below for example), from which you can copy/paste, and login to web administration applications.

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